Vogue collections references

A large gallery of projects using the Ceramica Vogue collections

Ceramica Vogue has always been very attentive to design and to the needs of architects and designers always looking for modern yet quality products; for this reason, it offers a vast gallery of projects implemented using Ceramica Vogue frost-resistant white body glazed stoneware tiles.

The basic collection, which consists of four finishes - Interni, Trasparenze, Flooring and Grip - is suitable to meet different technical needs with a wide range of colours in 3 modular square sizes and 4 modular rectangular sizes. Complementary colours and sizes let you to create numerous combinations and matches, multiplying the scope of use of the Vogue System. The combinations become numerous by also using the other collections designed by Ceramica Vogue, all with colours and sizes complementary to the basic line.

It is precisely thanks to this versatility that many designers have chosen our tiles for the decoration of public buildings such as hospitals, schools, libraries, theatres, hotels, gyms and fitness centres, shopping centres, swimming pools and airports in Italy and worldwide. Our tiles have also been used for the decoration of residential spaces, both interiors such as bathrooms and kitchens, as well as exteriors.

Our references are therefore a very useful tool because they allow you to view the many possible uses of Ceramica Vogue glazed stoneware tiles, but are also a source of inspiration to find new combinations by playing with the sizes, finishes and the wide range of colours available.