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Glossy, matte or satin surfaces

Choose from the most suitable ceramic surfaces: satin, matte or glossy.

We offer the Ceramica Vogue ceramic system in 4 finishes depending on the intended use of the products. The Interni series with a matte finish is ideal for floors and walls, while the Trasparenze series can only be used to tile walls. To coordinate the colours, we offer two technical finishes: Flooring non-slip R10 (A+B) and Grip non-slip R11 (A+B+C). The non-slip surfaces designed for use in swimming pools and swimming facilities and the new textured non-slip Shade 2 finish, ideal for both residential and public spaces, complete our vast range of glazed stoneware tiles. All of the surfaces are available in multiple sizes to enable maximum design freedom. You can choose from glossy, matte or satin finish tiles.