Sports facilities

Sports and leisure facilities have become an important element of society and of the institutional and economic system, both at the public and private level. The construction of sports facilities is subject to the rules governing building constructions in general, as well as to specific rules adopted by sports bodies regarding competition venues, equipment and services. Particularly delicate is the choice of materials for the changing rooms, bathrooms and all other environments legally requiring superior levels of cleaning, maintenance and safety. The frost-resistant white body glazed stoneware produced by Ceramica Vogue perfectly meets the requirements for the construction of sports facilities through resistant, low-maintenance, easy to clean and non-slip products. These tiles, offered in a wide range of sizes and colours, come with special modular pieces suited to every need, such as profiles, skirting board covings, angular pieces and fittings, all of which can be matched with the colours of the various collections. These special pieces help avert dangerous situations (sharp edges) or poor levels of hygiene (areas that are difficult to clean). Ceramica Vogue pays special attention to swimming pools, with its Vogue Pool line of products and special pieces specifically designed for tiling most pool edges (Finnish-style system, Zurich-style system, Skimmer system, etc.), foot washes, turning areas and steps in the presence of water. To complete the offering, the glossy, satin and non-slip finishes of the Vogue System, Vogue Link and Vogue Floor collections are perfectly suited for tiling pools, technical flooring and all related environments.