Work areas


The term "work areas" encompasses a variety of settings, such as industrial buildings, laboratories, research centres, public relations areas, offices and open spaces. Designing different work places of varying complexity, within a fast changing context, requires the ability to solve a variety of problems. These areas go beyond the traditional - and now outdated - concept of locations created exclusively for work. They are increasingly becoming creative, colourful, comfortable places that are full of light and feature areas for relaxing and interacting with others. Often, work areas are designed to communicate the company's philosophy or to make the working day more flexible and enjoyable. This is why we often find nurseries, canteens, relaxation facilities, gyms, health facilities, spa and wellness centres alongside working areas. In this context, work becomes an activity that requires an environment suited to developing creativity and relationships, favouring the use of versatile materials with a high aesthetic and functional content. Ceramica Vogue, with its solid coloured stoneware, works with high quality materials, making a "structural" use of colour. Ceramic tiled surfaces can be matched with paintings and furniture by checking their correspondence with RAL colours. The white body glazed stoneware of Ceramica Vogue is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Special modular pieces, matching the colours of the various collections, meet diverse needs in terms of safety and cleaning ease. Elements such as profiles, skirting board covings, angular pieces, fittings, and non-slip tiles, available in a wide range of sizes and colours, ensure safety and ease of maintenance in bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.