Places of culture

Visual communication plays a key role in spaces dedicated to culture and education. The use of colour greatly aids the users' understanding of the space they are in, by characterising different environments in different ways. The glazed stoneware of Ceramica Vogue offers a wide range of solid colours (matching the RAL colours) and a variety of surface finishes (glossy and matt tiles) and modular sizes that respond to this very need. The coloured and frost-resistant tiles of Ceramica Vogue lend themselves to both indoor and outdoor environments, providing endless creative possibilities. Tiles for use in schools must also ensure the hygienic and cleaning requirements required by law. The white body glazed stoneware of Ceramica Vogue is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Special modular pieces (profiles, skirting board covings, angular pieces, fittings), all of which can be matched with the colours of the various collections, help to avert dangerous situations (sharp edges) or poor levels of hygiene (areas that are difficult to clean). The safety of bathrooms and locker rooms is also guaranteed by non-slip tiles in a wide range of sizes and colours.