Hospitals and health care facilities

When designing a hospital or health carefacility, architects cannot neglect the perceptual quality of the environment, where a delicate relationship is established between professionals and consumers in critical psychological and physical conditions. An optimal environment interacts positively with the roles and behaviours of its users. All the architectural elements, including floors and walls, serve as communication tools. In this regard, colour is a key element that aids the way users view and perceive their surroundings, facilitating the understanding of space. Ceramica Vogue, with its solid coloured stoneware, works with high quality materials, making a "structural" use of colour. Ceramic-tiled surfaces can be matched with paintings and furniture by checking their correspondence with RAL colours. The tiles used for hospitals and health care facilities also have to comply with strict hygiene and cleaning requirements. The white body glazed stoneware of Ceramica Vogue is durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Modular special pieces (profiles, skirting board covings, angular pieces, fittings), all of which can be matched with the colours of the various collections, help to avert dangerous situations (sharp edges) or poor levels of hygiene (areas that are difficult to clean). Furthermore, non-slip tiles, available in a wide range of sizes and colours, offer a guarantee of safety in bathrooms, changing rooms, showers, rehabilitation bathtubs, etc.