Colours, solid coloured tiles

Discover your colour. Enhance your spaces with Vogue coloured tiles

Discover the world of Ceramica Vogue coloured tiles. A vast range of solid colours to tile the floors and walls of every room in your home and much more. With Ceramica Vogue tiles, you will be able to design elegant walls featuring tone-on-tone or eccentric colour combinations, experiment with the different finishes available in the same colour range and combine diverse dimensions to tile rooms of all shapes and sizes. Red, yellow, beige, brown, blue, green, sky and countless other shades to decorate; shades of grey, black and white for a more classic style or to create unusual optical effects. You will be able to customise each room from the kitchen and bathroom to your living spaces as well as all your utility rooms. Ceramica Vogue has always been synonymous with colour, studying the trends and offering solutions consistent with the customers’ requirements. This section includes solid coloured tiles to embellish your rooms. Discover Vogue coloured tiles.