Residential settings

In residential spaces, ceramics become an integral part of the décor and furnishings. Thanks to the endless colour, size and finish combinations of the Ceramica Vogue tiles, architects and interior designers can unleash their creativity and decorate any home environment (bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc.) with excellent results. The 38 solid colours of Vogue System, available in different finishes and modular sizes, allow them to decorate and customise living spaces without ever compromising on practicality, cost effectiveness and maintenance ease. Ceramica Vogue also offers a vast array of products and accessories to enhance the tiling chosen for the kitchen, bathroom and other home environments, such as ceramic and metal strips, glass tiles, diamond-cut tiles, skirting boards and mesh-mounted mosaics. Completing the offer is the large 50x50 rectified glazed stoneware tile of the Shade line, made up of 14 natural "shades" enriched with simple engraved graphic motifs and meeting current colour and design needs. The collection is enhanced by a line of accessories specially designed for Shade and comprising glass and ceramic strips, wood-effect porcelain stoneware strips, and profiles in glossy aluminium and brushed stainless steel. Thanks to their high aesthetic and design content, the large Shade rectified tiles are suitable for use on floors and walls.