Vogue Glass tiles Collection

Extra-clear glass tiles decorated with baked ceramic enamels

A sophisticated matte and transparent effect defines the Vogue Glass collections, the elegant Ceramica Vogue lines designed using extra-clear glazed float glass. Architects and designers can use them in conjunction with Ceramica Vogue glazed stoneware tiles to decorate an entire room with unique personality, or on their own, making them protagonists in characterising all those spaces where aesthetics and emotional impact have a preponderant value. Available in more colours and sizes, they are extremely versatile and capable of satisfying all and any requirement. An innovative solution for tiling surfaces, the collections in Vogue Glass coloured extra-clear float glass are back enamelled using ceramic and baked enamels, to guarantee resistance to chemical stress. The Vogue Glass collection is available in 15 colours in addition to black and white and in 2 finishes: satin (obtained by surface acid etching) and natural glossy. Available sizes: 10x10, 10x30, 30x30 and 30x120 cm. Other sizes are available upon request.