Trasparenze Collection

Glossy surfaces to tile walls

The Trasparenze line, which is part of the Vogue System product system, comes with a glossy and shiny finish. Available in 30 colours and several modular sizes, it includes a complete range of tozzetti and special pieces that meet all specific design needs, from technical requirements to those imposed by current hygiene and maintenance regulations. It is designed for tiling public and private spaces, both indoors and outdoors, characterised by taste and elegance. The finishes of the Vogue System lend themselves to complete the flooring of any area decorated with Trasparenze. The main strength of the line is the wide range of colours that renders the tiles extremely versatile and provides ample and imaginative design options, by playing with unusual combinations for infinite installation possibilities. The shiny finish gives the tile unexpected light effects and is suitable to tile not only your bathroom, but also your living room or kitchen using colours, installations and contrasting materials with an extremely eclectic style. Trasparenze interprets the stylistic needs of those who love to be surrounded by taste and refinement, without however renouncing the modernity of high quality glazed stoneware such as that of Ceramica Vogue.