Shade Plus Collection

Modular and matching accessories

Completing the Shade 50 and Shade Cut collections is the Shade Plus line, 2 families of modular and matching accessories, which enrich the product range with different materials and textures.

SHADE STICK, listello tile decorations obtained by cutting the base product and mounting on mesh, size 10x50 cm. Available in different colour combinations, from the 14 shades of the main line, they bring life to your wall tiles.

Completing the offer is SHADE PROFILE, glossy aluminium and brushed AISI 304 stainless steel profiles, which can be used as a decorative or functional element for walls.

Shade Plus is a versatile line suitable for various home styles, ideal for giving an extra touch to rooms such as the kitchens, bathrooms and living areas of the house, but also hotels, office buildings and commercial areas, etc.