Mix Collection

Colour mixes in the 5x5 cm size mounted on mesh

As part of the Ceramica Vogue Vogue Link line comes the Mix series, new decorative solutions to be combined with the wide range of Ceramica Vogue colours and sizes. The frost-resistant white glazed stoneware mixes, with multiple colour shades in Interni (satin), Trasparenze (glossy), Flooring (non-slip R10 surface) and Grip (non-slip R11 surface) finishes, have been designed to provide endless design possibilities and imaginative alternatives to solid colours. Suitable for floors or walls, both indoors and outdoors, the fibreglass mesh-backed 5x5 cm format creates a finished size of 30x30 cm. The colours mixed at random (3 colours at 33% each) have been derived from the Vogue System and can be integrated with other collections in terms of colours and size modularity. For determined projects, or when different colour or percentage mixes are requested, we are able to customise these depending on the given project. Thanks to Ceramica Vogue, it is possible to implement projects to suit any style of living, focusing on the colour and quality of Italian tiles.