Cristalli+ Collection

Textured surface tiles for floors and walls

The CRISTALLI+ collection has been designed by Ceramica Vogue to broaden the already numerous implementation possibilities offered by our glazed stoneware tiles: we have designed a special and sophisticated texture, capable of transforming both public and private interiors and exteriors with your own personality. The distinctive surface features with their textured sponge effect, enable you to use the coating product to “soften” the visual perception of the wall and provide an effect characteristic of natural materials; when used as flooring, it allows you to create surfaces that stay relatively clean and are extremely easy to clean owing to the use of semi-gloss enamelling. Ideal for both walls and floors, the CRISTALLI+ series is available in a vast colour range and in more modular sizes, lending itself to best meet the design needs and requirements of architects and interior decorators. In addition to the classic 10x20 and 20x20 cm sizes, the collection is also available in the 20x40 and 40x40 cm matching and modular formats, to allow for the creation of aesthetically pleasing compositions over large surface areas. Suitable for use in both residential and non-residential spaces, where the aesthetic characteristics of the surface take prevalence over technical requirements.