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For the home where everyday is a celebration


For the home where every day is a celebration


Confetti is the new collection of glazed stoneware tiles designed by Marcante-Testa (UdA) for the brand Ceramica Vogue. A project featuring graphic inspired patterns evocative of a present perfect capable of guarding the most intimate aspects of people and their memory. 

Designed for those homes and for those extra residential interiors, like restaurants and hotels, that attract the domestic dimension, since they are the places of expression par excellence of the essential sides of the human character such as humor, lightness and the ability not to take themselves too seriously.   

The Confetti collection is available only in the 25x25cm rectified format, with a 10 mm thickness, and with four embellishments: Torino, Milano, Venezia, Roma, declined in 8 colors variants and 8 more solid matching tints. 

Easily combinable micro patterns make the collection "Confetti" a new classic, for both walls and floors, still in line with the philosophy of the brand Ceramica Vogue.


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